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Art. 2210615


All trolleys by CHECK.IN are equipped with a multi stage retractable trolley system, which is customisable for every body height. Thanks to the trolley system, it is easy and comfortable to pull and to manoeuvre the luggage. After arriving at your destination, you can retract the entire telescopic handle into the suitcase. If the rods are made of aluminium, they are particularly high quality.
Some advice on how you will enjoy your suitcase for as long as possible: do not carry it by the trolley system but by the handle on the suitcase itself.
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In the United States of America, luggage will be opened by authorised security agents of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for inspections. With a TSA Safe Skies lock, the US air traffic control or UK customs can open and close suitcases – even without knowing the personal numerical code of the owner. The TSA Safe Skies lock enables the opening without damaging your luggage.
When travelling to the US, for example, make sure that your luggage has a TSA Safe Skies lock.

Art. 2210424


The integrated combination lock is located on the side of the suitcase. It can be locked by a 3 digit code. With it, you keep your luggage safe while travelling. The advantage over a separate lock: you cannot forget it at home because it is fixed to the suitcase. And you cannot forget the key, either, since there is none.
Art. 2299100


With the provided combination lock by CHECK.IN you protect your luggage against unauthorised persons. The combination lock is easy to handle. Just use the press button to release the cable, attach it to the luggage and lock it with a 3-digit numerical code. The advantage over an integrated combination lock: you can also lock other bags.

Art. 2210811


Every make up case of our product line CREATIVE LINE has a key lock. Be it body care products, cosmetics or tools of hairdresser and nail designers: everything is stored safely. The key lock with a spring lock is easy to handle.
Furthermore, you do not have to remember the numerical code. Just do not lose the key.
Art. 2240506


Even if you are no reporter, you can use this useful extra. Bags and make up suitcases with reporter functions have an elastic shoulder strap on the back. This way you can easily attach the pieces onto the trolley system without risking them falling off. The reporter function stands for more comfort while travelling. With it, you do not have to carry your laptop bag or beauty case on your shoulder.

Art. 2210423


A well packed suitcase offers more space than you might think. For a perfectly organised interior our trolleys can be packed on both sides thanks to a packing divider. Some of our suitcases also have packing straps. That way, you can be sure that your clothes and utensils for travelling are safe and will not get disarranged during transportation. Moreover, the trolleys have a completely lined interior. The CHECK.IN team advises the following: if you roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will save space.
Art. 2210592


Many of our suitcases are delivered with a protective bag. That is an added service by CHECK.IN! After your journey, you can keep your suitcase safe until you need it again. The protective bag is the best way to guard your suitcase from scratches and dust. Thanks to the protective bag, your uitcase can safely recover from its previous trip.
The pictogram shows you whether your favourite suitcase by CHECK.IN is available with a protective bag.

Art. 2210425


Travel around the world. With 360° all round wheels, our suitcases can go round in circles. The easy running wheels provide best mobility and an effortless manoeuvring in all directions. A trolley with 360° wheels remains immensely mobile even in narrow train compartments as it can rotate on its own axis.
Art. 2210426


A suitcase stands more firmly on four feet than on two. Trolleys entering the race with four wheels have better balance and good running performance. Moreover, these suitcase models prove themselves with good manoeuvrability and high stability. For the 4‑wheels system, we also offer spare parts and will exchange faulty wheels.

Art. 2210426


The twin easy running and very quiet wheels are a quality feature that many of our CHECK.IN suitcases have. Even a fully packed XL trolley rolls easily without any great effort. With a twin wheel system, the weight is distributed to 8 wheels, making the trolley roll smoothly and well‑balanced. The twin wheels are very long-lasting and enthuse every suitcase owner with their ideal manoeuvrability and comfort while walking.
Art. 2220333


Over the course of its life, CHECK.IN luggage has to cover long distances and rough terrain. In order for your luggage to arrive safely, many of our suitcases have ball bearing wheels. They are more stable and longer-lasting than normal wheels. Another advantage is the following: ball bearing wheels are very easy rolling.